I’m Savannah Breckenridge and “Yes, it’s just like Colorado.” I am utterly: impassioned, goofy, eccentric, and tenacious ME. I am currently working on obtaining my BA in Communication with a minor in Sociology from Texas A&M University. I’m diligently trudging my way through figuring out who I am and doing my best to understand this labyrinthine world we live in!

I have a confession to make, I hated reading when I was in elementary school. I would weasel, squirm, and twitch my way out of any situation where I had to read. By middle school I did a complete 360° and I have never looked back. I consume books like I consume air. When a book grabs my attention I refuse to put it down: staying up until insane hours, forgetting to eat until half way through the day, and when I do finally sleep it’s with the book only a hair’s breadth away.

I’m bewitched by YA fiction and have no intention of breaking the spell. I love faux calligraphy. Harry Potter is my jam. I’m hopelessly devoted to all things nerdom. Firefly – that’s all I have to say. I’m an aunt besotted with my two nephews. My family is my life. My pupper’s name is Jack (Attack) Enjoy my warblings on books, life, and who knows what else.